Gambling on basketball is enormously profitable, so there is no reason not to try. Let’s quickly find out the main types of such stakes.

To mention: types of basketball bets

Before choosing the right option you have to look through the bookmakers’ rules and bets’ list in order not to jump at the bait.

The number of main outcomes offered for a basketball game depends on which bookmaker’s agency you gamble. Some of them offer three main outcomes: the victory of the receiver, the draw and the victory of the visiting team, adding a win including overtime to the spread, while others offer only two outcomes –
the victory of the receiver or the visitor (this means that in case of a draw the winner will be determined in overtime).
Before you start betting on basketball, it is very important to clarify which positions in a given gambling establishment go with extra time and which do not, because it often happens that handicaps and totals are calculated according to one rule, while the main outcomes are calculated according to another.

A handicap stake shows the final score difference in favor of one of the teams. You are required to guess whether it will be more or less than the specified value. For example, if you gamble on a team with it’s -5.5, the team must win by at least 6 points. In case it’s +5.5, you would expect the team to lose by at least 5 points. Handicaps in basketball are not much different from handicaps in other sports and most bookmakers allow to buy more handicaps, in which case the odds usually fall by 8-10 points for each point purchased. Adding up is usually possible from 4 to 12 points (the exact value each bookmaker defines for itself).

Total is a stake where you try to guess if the final result of the game will be more or less than the offered value. Almost always the odds for “more” and “less” are the same. Basketball totals, as well as handicaps, can be topped up, and both up and down. The dynamics of change in odds in this case is often similar to the dynamics of changes in odds quotes.
However, bookmakers accept bets as for the total in regulation time, and the total during the extra time, so it’s necessary to understand that when calculating the result different time intervals will be taken into account separately.

Bets by quarters
This type of betting is highly widespread. In basketball a quarter seems to be a mini-match. In bookmakers’ lines you can often find ordinary stakes on the outcome, handicap and total of each quarter, as well as on the comparison of the performance of the quarters: scored more points, committed more fouls, etc.

So which of them is better to bet on basketball?

There can be no precise answer. Every gamester should be able to analyze, thus select the type of stake most appropriate according to the situation. Be patient, choose using common sense and get profit.