Gambling on sport is a very profitable occupation. Being a basketball fan, don’t miss the opportunity to gain on it. Let’s find out the advantages and disadvantages of such a staking.

What are the basketball betting advantages?

Lot’s of strengths may be mentioned, let’s check out the most common of them:

  • the high frequency of events;
    Due to this you can gamble on almost daily. True fans who are aware of at least a little bit about the sport know that a large number of games are played throughout one season at minimal intervals. Typically, teams play three or four games a week. It’s common knowledge that almost no tournaments are played on holidays, but that’s not the case in the NBA. Also statistics about the matches may be easily found on many resources.
  • many matches with equal probability;
    In the course of the game, it is easy to see that one of the teams has a tangible advantage. Therefore you can quickly identify the favorite. Bookmakers’ agencies, in order to insure themselves as much as possible, put higher odds on losers than on the winner. Total bets are also very popular in the discipline. Bookmakers, as a rule, determine the probable number of points scored, and the player already has to choose what to gamble – total, winner, loser, etc.
  • gambling is marked by rather high limits;
    Of course, bookmakers are interested in increasing the turnover of funds, because their main profit depends on it, but the risks involved. Limits depend on the level of the bookmaker. It is logical that reputable foreign bookmakers have big gambling limits.
    abundance of such stakes all around the world.
  • Bookmakers keep their margins to a minimum, since basketball betting is under close scrutiny, indicating high competition in the field. Thus, for most events with equal probability, the margins are much smaller as compared with the same triathlon, biathlon, volley or other less popular sports.

What are the basketball betting disadvantages?

As lots of strengths are involved, there must be some weaknesses. Among them:

  • low limits and odds for European competitions;
    For sure, it’s not a con for the gamesters geared to the American field, but, in general, in comparison with NBA games, European cup games and European championships usually have very modest upper betting limits, thus odds are mostly a couple of points lower than NBA ones. Therefore gambling on European basketball championships is not the most profitable occupation.
    weak coverage.
  • The vast majority of bookmakers offer weak coverage on basketball games. Many of them even limit themselves to handicaps, totals and other key outcomes (like stakes on the winner or the loser). Despite the fact that professionals have enough of this coverage, many bettors, accustomed to gambling on soccer, may be disappointed with the narrow option.

So is betting on basketball a money-making occupation?

Yes, definitely. Basketball is one of the most appropriate sports to bet on. Take a chance and start earning on the hobby right now.