WNBA POP 6.0(Lynx/Mystics)

WNBAinsidr Podcast

5/6 Deep Dive into Each Team!

WNBAinsidr is proud to bring you our 5th of a 6 week deep dive into each team in the W!  We will cover all teams in depth with X's and O's, player news, and real, critical takes. This week we take an up-close look at the Washington Mystics and Minnesota Lynx. The Lynx starting 5 needs no introductions so we focus on the bench and recent trade. The Mystics are going into this season with a roster with tons of talent but losing a star this but what does that end up meaning?


  1. Free Agency update
  2. Lynx (10:00-19)
    1. Recent trade
    2. Bench play
    3. How does their offseason compare
  3. Mystics (19:00-47:00)
    1. Team review
    2. X's and O's
    3. Next season outlook
  4. Top 5 short tease