WNBA POP 5.0(Sun/Liberty)


WNBAinsidr Podcast

4/6 Deep Dive into Each Team!

WNBAinsidr is proud to bring you our 4th of a 6 week deep dive into each team in the W!  We will cover all teams in depth with X's and O's, player news, and real, critical takes. This week we take an up-close look at the Conn Sun and the New York Liberty. The Sun are stacked but how with Chiney coming back effect the team? The Liberty are going into this season with a similar roster but new coach, was coaching the issue for this team?

  1. Free Agency update
  2. Sun (Start-36:00)
    1. Team/review
    2. Players to watch (JJ,Chiney, Courtney Williams)
    3. How do they match to the Lynx and Sparks
  3. Liberty (37:00-End)
    1. Recap/review
    2. Team needs