Mid Season Trade (who is the winner)

On June 28th the Phoenix Mercury traded Sophie Brunner and Shay Murphey to the San Antonio Stars and in return got Monique Currie.

Monique has a history with the Mercury playing there most recently in 2015. This season Currie has been balling out for the stars pulling in 11.8ppg 4.8rpg 2apg in 23mpg.

On the flip Brunner, the undrafted rookie out of Arizona State is averaging 4.3mpg with no real stats. Shay has racked up 3.2ppg with 2.4rpg in 14mpg.

The hope on Phoenix's end is obvious, they know they have a HOF in Taurasi and a star in Grinner. What they need now is a few last pieces to easy the pressure off their big names.

The question everyone is asking what do the Stars see in Murphy and Brunner that they gave up someone that has been balling out for them...?

The trade was recieved with mixed reviews: