Record-Setting Performance For Cambage

By Dorothy J Gentry

Liz Cambage hit a 3-pointer with 45 seconds to put the Dallas Wings up 104-85 on the visiting New York Liberty.

But she didn’t realize she had just made WNBA history.

Liz sets records-2-2.jpg

“After the game.  Rima (Karima Christmas-Kelly) told me I had just set a record with that 3,” she said after the game. “I didn’t realize that was the record. It wasn’t like it was the focus. My focus is to win every game. It’s nice to make history but at the end of the day we’ve got another game in two days. That happened today and we’ve got to focus on tomorrow now.” 

The 3-pointer gave Cambage 53 points for the game to break Riquna Williams' record of 51 points in 2013. She also had 10 boards and 5 blocks as the Wings beat the Liberty, 104-87.

Her 28 first-half points are the most she has ever scored in a single half in her career.

Her 53 total points set a WNBA record for most points in a single game, while her 17 made field goals also set a WNBA record for most made field goals in a single game. 

So what was going thru her mind as the shots kept falling?

“I had a pretty emotional week last week and I think I let it all out after the Seattle game,” she said. “I just wanted to start a new day, new game, fresh week so I just tried to come in here as calm as possible. I had my game face on right from the beginning and was just feeling it.”

Cambage said it was not her intention to play the whole game – but she did. 

“We didn’t start the third quarter very well so that means I have to play more minutes that’s on us. I didn’t get subbed out so I kept going (with the points).”

After a historic day, an All-Star nod would be icing on the cake for Cambage.

“It would be really exciting to have another All-Star. It’s a big thing to have your name thrown in the mix with the other girls so it would be nice. “

There is so much talent with every team. Each team is stacked with superstars. This is an exciting time for the WNBA.”

Says the player who just made history.