Taurasi Frustrated After Questionable Griner Ejection

By Chris Kwiecinski


BG ejected.gif

With 2:50 left in the third quarter, Mercury star center Brittney Griner tangled up with Sky forward Stef Dolson in the post for what could have been the dozenth time to that point. Griner, calling for the ball with both arms up, swung her left arm over as Dolson started to contest for post positioning. Griner’s hand met Dolson’s face, sending Dolson to the ground and the referees to the replay monitor.

After a brief discussion, the referees ruled a flagrant II, immediately disqualifying Griner from the game for a play that was more worth a flagrant 1. Griner’s teammate Diana Taurasi expressed confusion with the officiating.

“I don’t even know the rules of this game anymore” Taurasi said. “I don’t know what they call, what they don’t call, what they want to call. What’s not a flagrant, what’s a regular call.” The call could have gone either way. Griner, who had been going back and forth with referees in the post for the whole game to that point, didn’t hit Dolson deliberately. The outcome was most likely influenced by the how Griner had been trying to argue that Dolson was flopping throughout the game. “From minute to minute, to quarter to quarter, the inconsistency of the league on that side of the ball is probably the most frustrating for players that have been in the league for a long time,” said Taurasi, who is a 14-year WNBA veteran.

After the game, Griner declined to talk with the press. Taurasi said there are only two things a player can do in situations like Sunday - smile and let it be, or cuss the referees out and get fined. “I did both today,” she said