wnbainsidr staff

Navigating roster cuts from the Phoenix Mercury's perspective

Considering how Phoenix would be able to keep Smith, Turner, and Cunningham if they were to trade away an expensive veteran, it would be logical for them to even consider giving up draft capital to get it done.

By Grant Afseth

An Introduction To WNBA Fantasy

Some of the things I'll be writing about this season-- specifically season-long WNBA fantasy leagues -- didn't really exist until this season, so a lot of this is a new adventure for us…

By Justin Carter

What The Liz Cambage Trade Means For The Las Vegas Aces

First, before we can talk about whether or not this Aces team is a title contender, we need to know more about this Aces team. Let’s start with last season.

By Justin Carter

Even Without Some Big Names, This WNBA Season Will Be A Good One

But—as they say—the show must go on. And there are plenty of enticing storylines, seasoned veterans, and fresh-faced rookies to keep us all entertained for the entire season.

By Lyndsey Darcangelo

The WNBA is ripe for expansion. But will it happen?

With so much talent coming in and plenty of amazingly-good veteran players already in the league, it begs the question: When will the WNBA expand?

By Lyndsey Darcangelo

The WNBA Three-Point Revolution Is Here, And Teams Need To Adjust

3-Point revolution is here. Before 2016, only 11 WNBA teams averaged at least 20 3-point attempts per game. 2018 arrived and things changed.

By Justin Carter