Lynx win, the legend lives  Minnesota wins Physical game 5 against L.A.  As the confetti rained down on "The Barn" the Minnesota Lynx raised up another trophy. The game came down to 3 things, Clutch Baskets-Rebounds-Aggression. The momentum of the game changed throughout but one thing stayed constant. Sylvia Fowles and Rebekkah Brunson would not forget the disaster of a performance they had controlling the paint game 5 last year.      












           Scoring:     With all the headlines the winners get, I feel the need to remind fans of the proximity of the game. With the clock closing in on zero, the Sparks charged back making the game have a feel of an inevitable L.A. win.  Both teams played to their series successes all four quarters. When the final whistle blew the Lynx played a better game to pull off the win.        












             The Lynx starting 5        



              Rebekkah Brunson  


















              Seimone Augustus  






              Sylvia Fowles  


















              Lindsey Whalen  






              Maya Moore

Lynx win 4th Ring

The Dynasty is alive and well

      All or nothing WNBA Finals Game 5     WE SAT DOWN TO CHAT WNBA FINALS WITH COACH/ EXCELLE SPORTS  CONTRIBUTOR, ELI HOROWITZ ( @COACHHOROWITZ ). WE RECAPPED THE SERIES(00:20-3:15), GIVING OUR PREDICTION FOR GAME 5 (03:16-04:50). THEN ELI AND I DIVE DEEP INTO EACH TEAM LOOKING FOR STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES THAT BOTH TEAMS WILL FOCUS ON IN GAME 5 (06:00-22:00) .       TAKE A LISTEN AND COMMENT YOUR THOUGHTS BELOW.                   Recent from WNBAinsidr:    Recap game 4  HERE   Fan questions before game 5 (Lynx)-  Click Here   Fan questions before game 5 (Sparks)-  Click Here   Here other WNBAinsidr Pod'z  CLICK HERE

Game 5 Do or die 

Breakdown with Eli and the insidr