Dorothy Gentry

Insidr’s 2019 Rookie Predictions

With this year's WNBA Draft now behind us, a few of us -- Geoff, Grant, and Justin -- got together to think about how the players from this year's draft class might fit into their team's plans for the upcoming season. We each selected one draft per pick per team that we thought would have the best chance of making it onto their team's roster this season.

By insidr Staff

WNBA Insidr’s 2019 Mock Draft

This year’s draft is one for the history books. Our staff put on the GM cap as we ran through our mock draft.

By insidr Staff

Can McWilliams-Franklin Get The Wings Flying In The Right Direction?

“We are going to do the simple things,” McWilliams-Franklin said. “We are going back to our simple stuff – we’re going to box out, rebound and fight. This is our last opportunity. We have to get into the playoffs. We know this. We talked about it. We’re focusing on us and what we do well.”

By Dorothy Gentry