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       WNBAinsidr Pod (WNBA Finals game5)       We sat down to chat WNBA FINALS with coach/ Excelle sports  contributor, Eli Horowitz ( @CoachHorowitz ). We recapped game 5, breaking down what each team did to succeed or fail.  MVP  Sylvia Fowles performances in our eyes. The pitfalls of the Sparks and how the Lynx held it down.        Take a listen and comment your thoughts below.                  To listen to more of Eli and I breaking down the W click  HERE    Click HERE  for more WNBA insight and Hot takes.   Click here for our WNBA Finals Playlist

Sat down with Eli Horowitz to chat WNBA Finals finale.

Game 5 recap


      All or nothing WNBA Finals Game 5     WE SAT DOWN TO CHAT WNBA FINALS WITH COACH/ EXCELLE SPORTS  CONTRIBUTOR, ELI HOROWITZ ( @COACHHOROWITZ ). WE RECAPPED THE SERIES(00:20-3:15), GIVING OUR PREDICTION FOR GAME 5 (03:16-04:50). THEN ELI AND I DIVE DEEP INTO EACH TEAM LOOKING FOR STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES THAT BOTH TEAMS WILL FOCUS ON IN GAME 5 (06:00-22:00) .       TAKE A LISTEN AND COMMENT YOUR THOUGHTS BELOW.                   Recent from WNBAinsidr:    Recap game 4  HERE   Fan questions before game 5 (Lynx)-  Click Here   Fan questions before game 5 (Sparks)-  Click Here   Here other WNBAinsidr Pod'z  CLICK HERE

Game 5 Do or die 

Breakdown with Eli and the insidr

What will it be, Sparks?

-Fan Analysis- 

What will it be, Lynx?

-Fan Analysis- 

WNBA-Finals game 2 (Lynx get even)