Down to the Buzzer Sparks Win! (3-0)

Game 3 was a rollercoaster. Both teams made powerful statements, the Mercury looked like they could actually win this if not for a few boneheaded reaction plays (see Diana + Head coach getting T'd up).  Most people said mercury had no chance but in game 3 mercury showed enough to have some of us saying what if. 

Here is the game by the numbers, courtesy of Hoopsviz!

Starting off powerfully the Mercury went on a cold just as the Sparks headed up. Mercury had a 10 point lead in the first half but colapsed with 3 minutes to go, which they could not climb out of. 

Looking at the stats offensively this was the kind of game the Mercury wanted. Role players playing bigger than their billing and the stars showing up . On the other end dumb emotional reactions and lapses in defense caused this hopeful team to be swept out of the playoffs( for 3rd straight year). Taking a look at the breakdown of blocks this game it seems clear to us at the insidr that BG being pulled out of the paint has disrupted the domination the mercury rely on in the paint.

Player of the game:

Diana Taurasi

Diana Taurasi

Diana might not have won the game but she won our award. Today we break unwritten rules. Taurasi has been called out on many occasions saying she needs to carry a bigger scoring load and she did, she led the game. She threw back the clock on us, scoring, dishing the ball out and a few steals. 

Images provided by WNBA