Sky Trying to Build Foundation with Trade


The Sky Show Brief:


After the drafting of blue chip center Alaina Coates as the #2 pick of the 2017 Draft, it felt inevitable that the team would have to let go of 1 of their 3 centers. Dolson and Boyette are true centers, one on the offensive end, the other on the defensive end. There wasn’t enough playing time for Dolson to show her All-Star value while also allowing for the development of Boyette and Coates. Moving one young piece was inevitable.

Moving TY and including the 2nd round pick was likely the cost of doing business with ATL for the 1st rounder. It was possible TY was going to head out of Chicago after this season (likely with 2nd year G/F Kahleah Copper getting more playing time and assuming the team drafts a young wing with one of next year’s picks)

Jordan Hooper is another outside threat with size for Chicago to go along with shooters Quigley, Dolson, and Hampton. She might also be able to spread the floor at the forward position with Alaina Coates doing work down low in the post.

Now let’s talk about that Atlanta Dream pick. Atlanta has 11 games left in their schedule, with two games against the Storm and the Wings. Head-to-head, Atlanta is 1-1 with both of these potential playoff teams and any tiebreak will come down to these 2 games.

The Sky Show Insight:

From my projections, the lowest this pick will be is #6. Worst-case scenario for Chicago (in terms of looking at the lottery) is that they themselves get a playoff spot along with Atlanta putting the picks at #5 and #6 overall.

Now as for the best-case scenario: Dallas maintains their playoff spot and some stellar play by Breanna/Sue/Jewell propel the All-Star hosts into the playoffs for a 2nd year. Chicago then ends up with lottery percentages that could range from 28.2% to 45.4% (that maximum being even higher than the San Antonio Stars’ likely 44.2% chance as the lowest record team).

So then. What do we do now? A 10-game tank isn’t as ridiculous as an 81-game season tank, but you’ve got to think this team still wants to compete especially with vets Sloot, Quigley, and Pondexter on the team. The 2-year records for the potential lottery teams (Chicago’s ATL pick, Seattle, Chicago’s own pick, and Indiana) are so close together one win or one loss can shuffle things around in so many ways. Chicago has an interesting amount of control with one game against ATL (must-win), one game against DAL (must-lose), and two games against SEA (must-lose).

The one variable that throws a wrench in everything is the Dallas Wings missing the playoffs. Their 2-year record is so low that once they don’t make the playoffs, they’ll end up with the second highest chance to pick #1 overall (27.60%).

I think the Sky continue to compete in games except for the ones I mention above and possibly in the next game against the Indiana Fever. Tanking won’t even matter if Dallas doesn’t make the playoffs, which is out of Chicago’s control. Putting up a few wins may (emphasis on may) bring back some good nature to Sky fans that just lost two of their fan-favorite players. This should be one wild ride to end the season with and prepare for a very vital, franchise-altering offseason.

By: The Sky Show, 

Contributing Chicago Sky writer