If The Regular Season Is An Indication, Playoffs Will Be Fun


By Jasmine Brown


The way the season has gone so far, these may end up being the best WNBA playoffs ever.

The playoff race has been nothing short of intriguing. Records have shattered, travel woes have surfaced, and.... Liz Cambage. However, the final piece to this puzzle we call intrigue comes at the fate of who will secure the final spot to advance to the playoffs.

The records compared to last year show that the entire league has drastically improved in win totals this year. The Dallas Wings and Seattle Storm clinched the seventh and eighth seeds last season, but both were well under .500. The season isn’t over yet, with four games remaining, but it is certainly clear that the parity shown this season was non existent last season.

So far, seven teams have clinched a playoff berth, but the most interesting note is how they clinched. The Dream, Mystics, Mercury, Sparks and Lynx all needed an Aces’ loss and/or a win of their own to clinch a spot. The Aces losing Wednesday night was certainly huge, following the fact that after they forfeited, it may cost them a chance at the postseason.

The playoffs may set up to be the most entertaining ones in a couple of years because of the parity of the regular season: the amount of teams who have moved up and down based on one win or loss. The amount of times fans had to actually check the standings because of the wins and losses bumping teams up and down.

Now, the Aces are in a dog fight with the Dallas Wings, who are finding themselves limping for the final spot. The needle is pointing towards the Wings, but along with everything that has happened this season, you just never know. The Aces making or missing the playoffs will be huge regardless. If they miss the playoffs, they will have a better chance at a lottery pick. If they do sneak into the playoffs, they could find themselves being a potential threat to any team that they face.

With a week left, the last and final spot is up for grabs, but so is seeding. The Seattle Storm have already clinched the No. 1 seed and will have home-court advantage. The Atlanta Dream are looking to clinch the No. 2 seed. The top four seeds will have a single bye, while the two seeds will have a double bye into the semifinals.

These playoffs are just heating up and may be one of the most interesting postseasons the league has had. How will it end? It remains to be seen, but in the meantime, buckle up and enjoy this wild ride called the WNBA.