Connecticut Sun – Draft Summary

By Matt Hallett

Thanks to a tremendous season last year, the Connecticut Sun went into the 2018 WNBA with the 9th, 15th and 33rd overall picks. Many expected them to select Kia Nurse, a guard who can and will do anything to help support her team. However, thanks to the nomination of Azura Stevens, all of that changed. Now, with Stevens, there were going to be two franchise changing players available at number nine.

On the day of the draft the Sun traded the 15th pick to the Atlanta Dream for Bria Holmes, who will be sitting out the 2018 season due to pregnancy.


Pick 9 – Lexie Brown

With the 9th pick, the Connecticut Sun drafted the 5’9” guard from Duke University. Brown is a flat-out scorer who has shouldered the load of the Duke offense. She also has a great read for a game, showing the fact she can be a nuisance with 3.6 steals per game in her senior year.

Brown will start by coming off the bench, backing up both Jasmine Thomas and Courtney Williams off the bench. This adds a dynamic to this team which will be scary to the opposition. Brown is a scorer, she was also the clutch shooter for Duke in college. If there is one criticism of this team it is they are too unselfish and there is no defined player to take the end of game shot. Brown will become this player.

Pick 33 – Mikayla Cowling

Mikayla Cowling from the California Cal Women’s basketball program. She averaged 9.0 points, 4.4 assists, 4.3 rebounds and 1.7 steals per game. She was not a standout player on her team and is extremely unlikely to make the regular season roster for the Sun.

Overall Grade: B+

I gave the Sun a B+ because they did not have any obvious needs when they went into the draft. They secured themselves a quality player in Bria Holmes for the price of only a second-round draft pick. They also took the best available player in the draft in Brown which gives them flexibility for the season.