Cambage Goes Off And WNBA All-Star Surprises And Snubs



July 17, 2018. For several reasons, that will be remembered as one of the best days in WNBA history. Our staff writers weigh in on the All-Star Game selections and Liz Cambage's historical performance.




1.  Who was the biggest All-Star surprise?


Eric Beck: I can't say that I am very surprised by the All-Star selections themselves as most of the choices were no-brainers. Allie Quigley making it in over Tiffany Hayes stands out as an odd choice, especially given Chicago's poor record.  In non-selection news, Maya Moore turning down her position as captain is probably the biggest surprise of the day. Unfortunately, I was also not surprised at the lack of airtime for the All-Star announcement on ESPN.

Jasmine Brown:  Seimone Augustus. The Lynx have not been the team people thought they were going to be.They are in eighth place and have been up and down in terms of play. With that being said, Augustus has not had a spectacular of enough season to be chosen this year.

Rachel Galligan: Kristi Toliver, nothing against her personal performance this season. I just felt there were other players in the league who might take her place based on how they have performed.

Nicholas LeTourneau:  For me the biggest surprise is Seimone Augustus. She sticks me as someone that is without a doubt in the twilight of her career and there were for sure others that were more deserving than her. It reminds me of how guys that were all-decade type players in the NBA keep getting NBA All-Star nods past their prime strictly because of their fame or because others thought they deserved it. The Lynx have an excellent social media team that really marketed all of their players for this event where other teams really did a poor job. 



2.  Who was the biggest All-Star snub?

Beck: In my opinion, is a tie between Natasha Howard and Tiffany Hayes. Howard is having a fantastic season on both ends of the floor for the Storm and a lack of name-recognition probably hurt her more than anything this time around.  Meanwhile, Hayes may be the best player for the Dream right now and is clearly a top-nine guard in the league this season, so her absence is inexcusable.

Brown: Tiffany Hayes is averaging 17.3 points this season and put up double digits riding a five-game win streak with the Dream. She has been explosive this season and there should not be any reason as to why she should not have gotten in.   

Galligan: Tiffany Hayes for the Atlanta Dream. She is their leading scorer at 17.3 points per game, the Dream are doing well, she has been playing at a very high level and I really felt her performance this season should warrant an All-Star appearance.

LeTourneau:  I am torn between Courtney Vandersloot and Natasha Howard. Vandersloot is currently leading the league in assists, while Howard has been arguably the biggest X-factor for Seattle. The Sky did a poor job of marketing their players for this game on social media and their play as of late has been less than inspiring so I can at least make sense of that. Howard, on the other hand, is one of the main reasons Seattle is in the position they are right now. She is the perfect big to place next to Breanna Stewart and her presence has made it possible for Stewart to be an MVP frontrunner to this point.


3. Biggest WNBA news Tuesday: All-Stars revealed or Liz Cambage’s 53-point outburst? 


Beck: Cambage's 53 points, hands down.  Any time the single-game scoring record gets broken has to be THE front page news for the day.  Cambage is now second in points, rebounds and blocks per game this season and may now be the single greatest challenger to Breanna Stewart for MVP.

Brown: Liz Cambage. That has never been done before and she’s on the rise of being one of the more interesting players in the league. After spending years overseas, Cambage made a comeback to the WNBA. With that, she also has had a major target on her back for a while now. No better way to shake it off by making history your first year back in the league.  

Galligan: WNBA All-Stars. Cambage has been fully capable of a performance like this and as the Liberty struggle defensively, I’m not surprised she went off. She may do it again!

LeTourneau: The biggest news is Liz Cambage for sure. What she did is history making while the WNBA All-Star list was always going to be there. I think the more hardcore WNBA fans probably care more about the All-Star list, but Cambage’s game was more important for the league. It brought a ton of awareness to the sport and had everyone from Tobias Harris to the people at ESPN that don’t normally give the W the time of day talking about it.