Calm Down Everyone, the Lynx Will Be Fine

By Rachel Galligan

What’s up with the Lynx?

That’s all we have been talking about since the defending champs dropped their season opener to the Sparks. It was a heavyweight matchup that someone had to lose, right?

Minnesota followed that up with two wins against the Wings and Liberty before a four-game skid. Then the doubt really started to kick in. A losing streak of that length had not happened for the championship team since 2010. Their third win of the season came against the Mystics before falling to the Sun last week.

Following the defeat to the Sun, the Lynx had a week to prepare for their next game. That’s a rare opportunity in a condensed WNBA schedule this year. An opportunity for a veteran team to refocus, rest and spend time working on themselves.

Photo by Abe Booker III, Stratman Photography

Photo by Abe Booker III, Stratman Photography

That week seemed to have paid off as they were able to beat the Liberty fairly easily, 85-71, this past weekend. They looked like the Lynx team we have grown accustomed to seeing these past several years. 

I don’t think it is fair to use words like “fixed” or “back to normal.” Readers and fans have to understand that comparing a current team to years past in hopes of understanding a current state, is a waste of time. The truth is, each season is different. Each team is different, even if the roster remains very much the same core. Circumstances change individually, as a whole and within the league.

What we do know is the Lynx have a tradition and a foundational proof that they can be great. They have the tools, the coaching and pieces to win championships. Those are facts. Those are things extremely hard to come by and are nothing short of great.

The course of the season presents extreme highs and extreme lows for a team. For every team. Step back and look at the teams in the league right now, you can see challenges and adversity being faced that we wouldn’t possibly have known a week ago. Each season brings its own unique challenges and circumstances that are completely different from the previous year, or the year before that.

My point is that the Lynx are one of the greatest dynasties we have seen in the WNBA. But they are also just like any other team in the league facing highs and lows that take place in the course of a season. They are facing their own adversity just like every other team will face this season. It is a part of it. It is a part of every team at every level in every sport. The Lynx are not immune from that.

It is entirely possible that they have found a groove and can go on a run and gain some momentum. I would argue, given their history, that is going to happen at some point. They may even go on to win the whole thing. Time is going to tell.

My advice for those keeping a close tab on the Lynx, maybe even being critical of the last few weeks, take a step back. Understand the identity each team must find within each season. Understand that each season is uniquely different from seasons past. Understand that there will be bumps, there will be lulls and there will be high points for every single team.

But the Lynx have proven greatness. They have a proven championship culture and mentality. At some point they will face a turning point. Every team does. They are going to take off and it very well could be right now.

The Lynx will host the Wings tonight at 8 ET.