5 Intriguing Free Agents going into the 2018 season


Renee Montgomery:

Renee headshot.png

There's a lot of chat about her leaving Minnesota for a bigger paycheck, but why?She has been a key part of the Lynx since her return a few years ago, and last year she had a big role in leading Minnesota to the title. It boils down to whether she thinks she can get more rings with the Lynx, or if she wants more money and probably a bench spot elsewhere.

                        Jessica Breland:


Hottest player not being talked about in free agency? She was a stunner for Amber Stocks's Sky last year, and was a key reason that Imani Boyette was pushed out. Breland proved she is an unnoticed star of the league. Her skill set is mobile and playing mutiple points on the court. Can the Sky get her back or will she run towards a ring is the question everyone asked them selfs but with the showcase she has put on she can jog a little. 

Tamera Young*:

A vet who could be the person to take a good team to the next level (think DC, NY or Seattle) or be a key role in a championship caliber team (Minnesota, LA).

    *wnbainsidr bias: She is a killer!! Any team she joins is going to get a great addition!

Cappie Pondexter:

cappie points.gif

A Hall of Famer of Chicago sports, but is she ready for a chance at a ring this year?! It boils down to accolades and if she feels she is done in the Windy City. We can guess but it’s all her pick.

Monique Currie:

monique headshot.png

Las Vegas or DC is the question on most people’s minds; some have said Seattle, but DC looks like her best fit. They're a team that’s on the cusp of that championship level and they lack a focused leadership which she can bring. Currie has the talent to be a leader on and off the court. She has proven herself and can do the little things to bring DC to the finals. With Emma not around for the Mystics this year signs point to DC.

*Mo helps run a WNBA twitter account and has been using it to tease some ideas of FA moves