WNBA President Lisa Borders Steps Down

After possibly the best season the WNBA’s 22-year history, the league finds itself without top executive leadership.

By Christopher Kwiecinski

Lynx Dynasty In Transition

With the Lynx’s defeat, Whalen retired from the WNBA, and the Lynx now face a major transition into the future. To understand where the Lynx go from here, it is necessary to examine what happened this season.

By Erik Beck

Natasha Howard Is A Winner

I remember the moment when I first figured out that Natasha Howard was going to be a great player.

By Erik Beck

All-Around Effort Secures Title For Storm

Through 42 regular season and postseason games, the Storm showed that it takes consistency on both ends of the floor to be successful in this league. Every member of the team bought into coach Dan Hughes’ system – fast-paced offense and high-pressure defense – and it paid off in the biggest way. Let’s recap:

By Tyler Berry

Storm Secure Third WNBA Title With Sweep Of Mystics

Mission Accomplished. Following a 98-82 victory in Game 3, the Seattle Storm swept the Washington Mystics to win their third WNBA title in franchise history (2004, 2010)

By Dorothy J Gentry

Let’s Not Forget How Vital the Other Three Seattle Starters Are

as game two proved, beating the Mystics will be no easy task. It’ll require solid all-around performances from the entire team.

By Tyler Berry