The WNBA Three-Point Revolution Is Here, And Teams Need To Adjust

3-Point revolution is here. Before 2016, only 11 WNBA teams averaged at least 20 3-point attempts per game. 2018 arrived and things changed.

By Justin Carter

With no new President in sight, the WNBA is a ship without a captain

As we move into March and head into spring, there still hasn’t been any news, updates or an official announcement regarding who is taking over as president. A recent inquiry with the WNBA revealed no new information.

By Lyndsey Darcangelo

Men Love Investing In Men's Sports

The WNBA could use just a bit more investment. The good news, though, is that it wouldn't take much investment for the W to close the gender wage gap.

By David Berri

The WNBA's Labor Market Is A Sports Owner's Dream

Beginning in 1879, sports owners began to conspire to change the labor market for professional athletes. And these changes were created to make life better for the owners.

By David Berri

Preparing for life without the Dynamic Duo

Skylar and Liz finished their season with a collective 40.9 points per game, making them the second-highest scoring duo in the league. With this change in the roster and make-up of one of last season’s youngest and most exciting teams, questions abound for the franchise: Who will emerge as the leader? Who will gain more minutes? Who is going to be depended upon offensively?

By Dorothy J. Gentry

Why Core Player Designation is Hurting WNBA Free Agency

When WNBA free agency rolls around every February, there’s hardly a bleep on the Twitter radar. It’s often overlooked by mainstream media sports outlets, and the discussion over player movement is over as quickly as it begins.

By Lyndsey Darcangelo