Growing up in Minnesota, I was obsessed with sports.
When I was 19, my sisters and I went to our first WNBA game. To be honest, I was a bit surprised at how much fun I had.  Ball is ball and pretty soon, I found myself enjoying the WNBA more than the NBA. The more I got invested in the team, the more frustrated I got at the lack of coverage. I’d come home from work to 8 different shows on TV always talking about the NBA or the NFL, even in the off season. Here was this exciting league and the media was hardly talking about them! It shouldn’t be this hard to follow your favorite team.
It only got worse when I moved to Washington D.C.. I didn’t have the highest expectations; I was just looking for regular updates and maybe some analysis, but I found it tough to keep up with the Lynx outside of the Twin Cities.  So in the spring of 2015,  I launched @WNBAinsidr on Twitter.  I started out mostly just retweeting teams, players and media outlets and I’d sprinkle in my own comments on the games that I watched on League Pass. Though the account certainly didn’t go viral, I found a community of devoted fans thirsty for more coverage.  After the positive feedback, I reached out to other fans I’d met to start a blog.


"I spent years foraging for WNBA coverage anywhere I could find it, and I know you did too. That's why I started WNBAinsidr."

I want WNBAinsidr to become a hub for the WNBA fan. We’ve got standings and stats, but more importantly, the energetic and raw perspectives of diehards. Soon, we will be launching WNBAoutsidr -- a beginners guide for new fans to understand the game.
I see how privileged NBA fans are. They have so many different outlets for their fandom, from salary cap podcasts to daily Youtube shows-- I want that for the WNBA!  We may not be inundated with around-the-clock talking heads, but finally there's a place for  your fandom be heard.  It’s time for hot-takes and watercooler debates.
Welcome to WNBAinsidr.